Event 1500, The SNMP Service encountered an error

We are seeing the following errormessage in the systemlog on servers that has the SNMP features activated:

Log Name:      System
Source:        SNMP
Date:          2012-08-16 03:05:19
Event ID:      1500
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      server.domain.tld
Description: The SNMP Service encountered an error while accessing the registry key SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSNMPParametersTrapConfiguration.

The solution (acatually a workaround) is to create the registry key mentioned above as it is missing. More information can be found in Microsoft KB Article 2002303, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2002303

Use PowerShell to Find Service Accounts

I was looking for a way to find service accounts using PowerShell and found the following post on the “Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog”:


To summarize, you can use the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to retrieve information about service accounts as in the following example:

Get-WmiObject win32_service | format-table Name, StartName