Increase Operations Console refresh rate

You can set the refresh rate for the Operations Console by setting the following registry key:

HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftMicrosoft Operations Manager3.0consoleCacheParametersPollingInterval
Values 0 – 10. 0 turns off automatic refresh and requires manual refresh via F5. The value 1 through 10 increments the refresh interval every 15 seconds. The maximum value of 10 is a refresh interval of 2 min 30 seconds. As you can see the root hive is the HKCU so this is a per user setting.



Unseal Management Packs

MP2XMLPRO is a GUI-tool by Tim McFadden that makes it easy to export/unseal any Management Pack:

A guy named Steve Bernard has also made a GUI-tool for unsealing Management Packs and his tool can also extract bundled binaries: